Maleficent Review

by Owaiz

Well, well!

So I just saw Maleficent. What do I think? Of course, I loved it! But then I’m biased (and madly in love with Angelina Jolie). I’d been following Maleficent online until I could see the movie, and noticed a visible difference between what the people who saw the movie are saying and what the critics say.

While the critics have their criticisms, almost everyone I know who saw Maleficent has nothing but praise for this movie: they’ve all been raving.

But Disney shat over its own legacy with this movie!

Did it? The story of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has several variations—two of them include her rape—so what’s wrong with adding one more to the bunch? The way I see it, the movie was nothing but beautiful. The story behind was truly touching and made sense. Evil is evil but why is it evil? The matters in real life may be more complicated, but this movie puts one thing to rest. You no longer have to wonder why she was the way she was, and it is most certainly better than her being mad at not being invited to the Christening or not getting a special seat as only seven were made, and therefore cursing the princess.

Angelina Jolie’s acting was as good as it always is, if not more. (I did get goose flesh at one point.) Elle Fanning acted really well, lived up to the mark of the innocent princess.

There wasn’t much 3D stuff in the movie and it would’ve been just as good without it.

What do I think about the ending?

Now this is what I call ‘The Ending.’ I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I absolutely LOVED the ending! I wish I could say more, I really want to write another paragraph praising the ending, but you’ll find out when you watch it yourself.