Randomness (Free-Write)

by Owaiz

My 10 minutes start now. Before the 10 minutes started, I spent 5 minutes thinking about what to write, but I couldn’t decide, so I decided to just go with the flow. The earphones are plugged into my ears with no music playing, and the cord is twisted and won’t get off my keyboard. Annoying.

Recently, I realised, I’ve been smoking a bit too much. Usually a pack of 20 lasts 2.5 – 3 days for me, but now it doesn’t last more than 24 hours; I spend at least 10 hours sleeping, which means I smoke 20 cigs in 14 hours. That’s bad, I know. My stomach also hurts and grumbles, and I’m not sure if it is the cigs or my mind playing tricks. The brain is all too powerful and it can make things happen. For instance, I had this friend who had 3 miscarriages and desperately wanted a baby. She told me she’d been getting sick and had all the symptoms, but when she went to the doctor, she was told that she wasn’t pregnant and her mind was playing tricks on her. It happens. If you desperately want something like that, your brain can trick your body and produce all the symptoms.

This is pretty random. What I like about free-writing is that when my 10 minutes are up I’ll just leave it there, mid-word, mid-sentence, whatever. That reminds me, the clock is ticking. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… I’m not a fan of clocks. Time is such a constraint, always reminding us that it is slipping out of our hands. Why do we have to have time? The world would’ve been less stressful if we weren’t constantly reminded about the time. Like, oh, you overslept, you slept for 11 hours, you lost one extra hour, bah! I used to like sleeping in silence. It got bad though, because first I couldn’t sleep because of the wall clock. It kept ticking and got really loud in the silence of the night. It was annoying, disturbing the wonderful calm and tranquility of silence. When the batteries died, I didn’t replace them. But then I had another problem. The air conditioner became too loud. I couldn’t switch it off because the summers here are super hot, but…. (Time up!)