Day 1 – My 500 Words

by Owaiz

So, there’s this writing challenge I found where you have to write 500 words everyday, for 31 days. It is for developing a regular writing habit. And you can write about anything you want. I’ll try to keep up and write everyday now. Of course, I can’t stick to 500 words, but no less than 500 words. Here goes:

I deactivated my Facebook account. Why? Because it was choking me. I’m a free bird. I like expressing myself, saying what I want, standing up for what I believe in. On Facebook, we have our family, friends, acquaintances, and all sorts of people. What I noticed was that I couldn’t decry something I don’t like. If you say something, people can criticise you or throw in their two cents, and that’s okay, because everyone has a right to their own opinion, and, freedom of speech. But, if you want to speak against something religious, no matter how stupid and senseless that thing is, you get attacked. People want you to respect their religion, while they are okay if you denounce another religion. So, is religion an exception to the freedom of speech.

Anyway, there was too much hypocrisy there. And I was depressed. Deactivating my Facebook account did not cure my depression, but it did make me feel better. Later on, I found an article that explained how Facebook and other social networks contribute to depression. People only share their best moments, good times, etc., or their petty problems and issues. No one shares the real deal, now, do they? No one will update their status to tell you how the marriage of their parents is falling apart. What is this obsession with appearing perfect? Why not be honest? Why not say it like it is? I don’t know.

Anyway, when you’re depressed and you see all this perfection, you compare it to your own life and feel even more miserable. The truth is that even you wouldn’t share anything real. Everyone knows it. We only share the good stuff. So, when you’re depressed, and even if you know how it works there and that you wouldn’t share anything bad yourself either, you still compare your life to the picture perfect lives of others and feel awful. Do you get my point? Well, that’s what the article said.

But that is not why I deactivated my account. I deactivated it because I felt like I couldn’t be myself there. It’s like whatever you do, everybody is just waiting to pounce and shred you to pieces. Now I’m thinking of doing a little experiment. I have this picture of me that is objectionable according to Islamic standards. No nudity, I promise. But I’m tempted. I want to see what people say, how they react. It is something they all do, but never own it; in fact, they denounce it. Secondly, I need to reactivate my Facebook account. There are these writing groups I need access to, and I can’t access them unless I reactivate it. But then there are all those people. I don’t care, I really don’t, but I don’t want to answer any questions either. Why do we have to think about what people will think? Why should I think about what my friend’s fiancee will think about me if I do this or say that?

Anyway, a totally random post. I’m not inspired at the moment. I know I can writer better than this. But this is general writing. Writing freely feels good too. I’m not even going to proofread it. Okay, done. Lol! Do try out the challenge to get in the habit of writing though.