Day 4 – Malala!

by Owaiz

So, Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize! Congratulations to her! I sincerely hope she is not surprised, shocked, or disappointed by how her own country has reacted. After all, it is just a prize. People still refuse to believe that she was shot at all, so, yeah, it’s just a prize.

I came across two pictures today. One showed Malala as a puppet of Israel, and said “Malala, this is why we hate you.” I don’t get it. Why do we blame Israel for everything? I won’t be surprised if someone tells me, ‘Israel is the leading cause of cancer in the people of Pakistan.’ I mean, come on! Why is everything a conspiracy? A big international conspiracy against the muslims of Pakistan, of all muslims. When Gaza was being bombed, we talked about humanity. ‘You don’t have to be a Muslim, you just have to be a human being.’ Remember? Well, why do you have to stop being a human being when it comes to Malala? What is that poor girl getting from all this? What are we getting from all this?

Yes, she’s living in UK, but, really, is that the dream life? A few friends of mine who hate Malala, also happen to be the ones trying really hard to get out of Pakistan. I’m going to assume that they are just jealous because she ended up somewhere they are dying to be. At what cost? A bullet to her head!

Let’s put all the conspiracy theories aside. Let’s take a tiny moment to look at a little girl who was shot. Can you imagine the pain and the trauma? Try to be a human being now.

Now, what is she fighting for? Prince Harry? She’s fighting for education, something this country desperately needs!

I’m not going to apologise to Malala for the hatred she receives from her country, because (a) I’m happy for her and congratulate her, and (b) this is the reason she needs to fight!

Educated people see things the way they are, and do not mistake everything for a conspiracy. So, go on, Malala, fight harder! This is the reason you need to fight!

The second photo I saw asked a lot of questions. I’m not at my best right now, probably at my worst, but I’ll try to respond to them.

The questions were about why Malala got the prize, and why not Edhi, or the teacher who died saving students from a burning bus, or the boy who died tackling a suicide bomber, or the children who died in Iraq and Gaza, or Aafia Sidiqqui, etc.

Well, probably because the Nobel Peace Prizes are not reserved for Pakistanis or Muslims only. I think it is a disgrace to even make these lame ass comparisons, and, quite frankly, Aafia Sidiqqui was probably a terrorist. I don’t think a country like America would keep an average woman in jail for no reason. You can call her your sister, mother, whatever, but her activities were questionable.

Ugh! I don’t even know what I’m writing. But, 500 words, hurray!