Day 16 – Perfect Storm!

by Owaiz

I’m pretty positive that I’ve mentioned a ‘Perfect Storm’ before, but here it goes again. A ‘Perfect Storm’ is when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Today was yet another perfect storm for me. I had an important even to attend, so I caught the flu 2 days ago, sprained my shoulder muscles yesterday, and, when it mattered the most, ended up with a blocked nose, sore throat, and rather clogged ears. Awesome, ain’t it? Seems like the universe is conspiring against me, but, oh well, I’m a positive person. Just kidding, it fucking sucks! Like, what the fuck!

Hold on, there’s more! Add to my misery a 3 hours journey. I ended up sitting with two jolly cousins of mine, and by jolly I mean people who can’t sit straight for more than 10 seconds. TEN FREAKING SECONDS, come on, man! In spite of my pleas, yells, shouts, yada yada neither of them could  sit still or silent. Needless to say, I’d lost it by the time we reached our hotel. Add an hour of waiting. Well, almost an hour. Okay, you know my condition now, you rode with me all the way, why ask me how I am?

Cousin: You okay?

Do I look okay? You already know better than to ask, but woe is me, you had to. No, I’m not okay. You got on my nerves, stood there, stomped on them for 3 freaking hours, and now you’re asking if I’m okay? Fuck yeah, I’m better than I’ve ever been. Never better, buddy!

Wait, that’s coming off too harsh, not my intended tone. The story, too, has an exaggeration here and a distortion there. I just have to complete my 500 words, unlike yesterday. I’m going to beat myself over it later, now is not the time. Today was generally a happy day. Yeah, I said it: A Happy Day! *woot*

Since I can’t think of anything better to write, how about a bit of a rant? Here you go:

I’ve got a bull load of work. To keep up with my schedule and meet my work deadlines, I have to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That’s alright, freelancers don’t really have Sundays. But then there’s this entire group of cousins visiting and they’re going to be here till Sunday, and they’ll be doing all the fun stuff and all. Honestly, right now, if I think about it, it sucks to be me! But then, generally speaking, it always sucks to be me. Rant over, but I’m still below 500 words. See, that’s what I mean. Sucks, right?

I reactivated my Facebook account today. Fortunately, I haven’t spent all my time refreshing my feed. In fact, I barely did it. I had better stuff to do. If I’m able to work and meet my deadlines in the next 3 days, and Facebook proves to not be a continuous source of procrastination, then, god knows, it might stay active. This sounds more like a diary entry, no? True, can’t promote it on Twitter today, lol.

I’m off to sleep now.