Day 18 – Ungrateful!

by Owaiz

I hear people thank god for every good thing they have, and it annoys me. Why thank him? It’s kinda like telling the other person that they are not as grateful as you are. Maybe I have a good life or maybe it is better than it used to be, but, either way, god gets no credit for anything. If my life is good or better, it is only because of what I have done to make it better, not some divine crap. I’m not going to thank a god for the blessings, not when the blessings are things that I work too hard for. What’s there to be grateful about in that?

I would be grateful to a god if a bag of money falls from the sky and lands in front of me, or I wake up and find a pot of gold on my bed side, or I login to my account to find a million dollars in it, because that would be divine. Working for things, making things happen, why credit god for that? Why credit someone else for your success? If I start doing that, if I start thanking god for every good thing that happens to me, then I’ll have to blame god just as much. I’ll blame him for all the misfortunes and the miseries, for all the bad and awful things that happen, things that a ‘god’ of all entities could have easily avoided. Why credit god for all the good things and not blame him for the bad things? That’s pretty stupid and biased, and yet all the religious people want to do that.

I believe in taking credit where due. If I work my ass off, if I make things happen for myself, if I stay up all night to work, I wouldn’t thank god for any of it. It’s all me and I know it. I’m not afraid to take the credit. I should take the credit, I must! What’s so divine about the ordinary is utterly beyond me, and as far as I know, all the supposedly ‘divine’ stuff I’ve witnessed so far has been pretty ordinary. What does divine do? It makes you stupid and a fool.

God is the easy way out for the people who do not want to take responsibility for their own actions. If you don’t work, don’t have a job, or can’t keep one, the easy way out would be: it’s god’s will. It’s His doing. No, you stupid fuck, it’s all your doing. Move your ass, get off the couch, and start working. Try! God is not your scapegoat. Oh, the irony, over and over. Our sacred, holy scapegoat.

Well, if I were religious, it’d go something like this:

Person: Hey, Ozzy, why are you such an asshole?

Me: God made me that way. It’s His will. Capital H.

Sound good? Is that a reason enough? Does that work for you, or would you like me to accept that I’m an asshole?