Day 23 – The Flight

by Owaiz

The written word has more power and meaning than a reader will ever know. For when a writer writes even two words, there’s a whole story behind. Those words mean more to the writer because only he knows the true context. You can jump right on board, too, if the writer reveals more, but you will always perceive the words in a different way. For instance, this post is more different from any of my other posts for this challenge, because I’m in a plane right now. I’m 35,000 feet above the ground as I write this. I know that whenever I read this post again, I’ll remember how and where I wrote it.

I’ll remember my window seat. I’ll remember the nothingness outside, for all I can see is a small part of the wing whenever the strobe flashes. I’ll remember the plane descending while I sat typing away. I’ll remember the stupid kid standing behind my seat, peeking, singing. (Okay, I won’t remember the kid. I hate kids. Yes, there, I said it. I don’t just dislike kids, I hate them.) But I will remember the turbulence. The ride has become slightly bumpy and the plane is shaking. I can hear the change in the engines. My ears hurt. There was a time when nothing happened to me, but now, well. Now it sucks. As the plane descends, it feels like my ears are literally going to pop. There’s an ache in my forehead. I’ve to put the laptop away as the plane prepares to land.

Anyway, back to the point. When you read this, you’ll picture it all, won’t you? You’ll see a Pakistani guy in a plane. This plane is an A-320, but, like I said, what you see comes from what you have experienced. (Damn, my ears!) So, what you picture might be the plane you remember, an A380, perhaps. Or an A320 because I told you.

I turned my laptop off after typing the last line. The air hostess asked me to turn my laptop off, which is ironic because the guy sitting in the opposite row was also using a laptop and she didn’t ask him to switch his laptop off. I know, I know, she didn’t see him.

The city I was heading to was supposed to be hit by a typhoon on the very day of my flight. I was expecting severe turbulence but there wasn’t much. I watched The Walking Dead during the flight.

So, I did this little experiment thingy when the plane got ready for take off, you know when the engines get loud? I turned on the timer at the very moment the plane started moving, and discovered that within 45 seconds the plane took off. Isn’t that amazing? I mean take off needs a lot of speed and an A320 can reach that speed in less than a minute and be in the air. I know there are faster planes out there, but still. Fascinating!