Interview With An Artist! Yayyy!

by Owaiz

Okay, I suppose you’ve gotten tired of my rants, haven’t you? I know I have. So, here’s something different. An interview with a friend of mine. This friend is a brilliant artist, and is definitely one of the best. This friend also struggled with depression and made good progress. There’s hope, then? Yay! Lol!

I haven’t interviewed anyone before so pardon me for the weird as fuck questions, but here you go.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, the person you are, and how you view yourself.
I’m a 24 year old Graphic Designer and student. I like to think I am a gypsy-hybrid but I am slowly starting to plant my roots in people and places.

Q: What do you do?
See above.

Q: What is your creative process like?
I like to focus on things that I personally find interesting and feel that others may benefit from them as well. So, I guess my creative process starts from not understanding something and then finding ways to make others understand.

Q: Have you ever suffered from depression?
Yes, for several years and it sometimes relapses.

Q: How has the depression affected you as a person and as an artist?
I think it made me more compassionate and also probably detail-oriented. My depression also gave me huge self-esteem issues, which I try to overcome by diving into my work. If I do something I am not 100% happy with, I often feel it must be because I am not good enough and it affects my mental state. However, I do actively try to work mindfully and overcome this way of thinking. But overall, because of depression, I have often relied on my art to lose myself and my problems.

Q: Does your depression manifest itself in your work?
I believe that it manifests in the form of mania rather than content or aesthetic, but sometimes it does manifest visually, yes. This is apparent in my use of color (or lack thereof) and sometimes the subject matter as well.

Q: How did you separate your depression from your work?
I think that most of the time I separate it by thinking that was who I was back then and this is who I am now, but I am also fearful of identifying myself as a depressed individual so I attempt to hide these aspects in my work.

Q: According to a study, creativity is closely entwined with mental illness’. What’s your take on that?
I believe that depressed people need creative outlets, and therefore it makes sense that they would be more creatively inclined. However, I don’t really have much knowledge about this subject personally so I cannot really give you much of an informed opinion.

Q: What’s your way of dealing with depression?
I try to be mindful and realize that it exists mostly in my mind. I also try to separate myself from my ego and attempt to treat myself with herbal remedies and by taking some time off work/school, to do things I would enjoy.